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The well of G.I. Joe: Retaliation news has been a bit dry over the past few weeks since the trailer, so undoubtedly I want to jump on every little tidbit I see.  The folks over at MTV had a chance to talk with Adrianne Palicki, who is playing Lady Jaye in the upcoming G.I. Joe motion picture sequel, and she seems pretty jazzed about being the middle of the G.I. Joe fracas.

Speaking about the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer, Ms. Palicki says

“It was a pleasant surprise, because this is a reboot. It’s scary going into the shoes that have already been worn. We wanted to do something really unique and special. With such an amazing group of talented actors, you don’t want it to fall flat. How many people reached out, it’s unbelievable to hear the comments that they’re so excited, that the trailer is better than the first movie was. Just really cool reactions that you’re going, “OK, hopefully we don’t let you down.” I really don’t think we will. I think it’s going to be a really fun ride for everybody.”

Well, technically it’s not a reboot, but we’ll give her a pass on that one.  If anyone had any doubts about the enthusiasm and energy that Jon Chu brought to the table, Palicki puts those to rest as well:

“Jon Chu, he’s this genius. The thing that’s so special about him is that he might be the biggest G.I. Joe fan on the planet, so that really came in our favor. He’s young and interesting and full of ambition. We really did things that were super exciting and super scary, and I really feel everything’s going to come out really, really well.”

I’m very impressed with how the cast members appear to be handling this film.  For The Rise of Cobra, there seemed to be many allusions to a more “goofy” era of G.I. Joe, but I sense a bit more hard-edged and gritty realism here.  Much more of a traditional action film.  I think that’s a good place to be as we come in on the good side of six months from the film’s debut.

Check out these comments and many more over at  G.I. Joe: Retaliation hits US theaters June 29th, 2012.