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Something that many folks aren’t aware of is that Hasbro keeps an online repository of their instruction manuals for many of their toys, including G.I. Joe items.  Some times it can be a treasure trove of cool information.
Friend of GeneralsJoes, notpicard revealed recently on HissTank that some cancelled or re-purposed vehicles for Rise of Cobra have instruction manuals already uploaded, including the much anticipated Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor.  That’s an instruction book that’s likely to get a lot of use!
The .PDF’s can be found at the following locations, and I also exported a bunch to image files which I’ve mirrored below.  Very cool find!
Armored Panther
Cobra Fury with Alley Viper Officer
Cycle Armor with Ashiko
H.I.S.S. Attack Scout
Air Assault with Capt. Ace
Cobra Flight Pod with Elite Viper
Jungle Terror Twin Battle Gun with Range Viper
RAM Cycle with Sandstorm
Road Rebel with Tunnel Rat 2005
Smokescreen Transport with Beachhead 2005

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