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Yeah, I hope I’m not putting my foot in my mouth.
My family vacation is over, things have slowed down work-wise…  so in celebration of SDCC and the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra launch, I am labeling the following three weeks “GeneralsJoes Review-A-Rama!”  Patent pending…
For the next three weeks, up to the official Pursuit of Cobra launch on August 1st, I am going to endeavor to post at least one review per day every single day leading up to the launch.  That’s right, over 20 reviews throughout the rest of the month!  Can I do it?  I have no Earthly idea.  But I’m at least gonna give it the ole college try.
There will be Pursuit of Cobra stuff, a lot of catch up from The Rise of Cobra, and maybe an unproduced item sprinkled here and there.  Heck, even a Blu-Ray DVD!  I’m hoping real life is steady enough for the next three weeks to allow for this, if I can do it, I will.
Hopefully this makes up for some of the dead time over the last month or two… G.I. Joe is cranking up for a  huge last half of 2010, I want to be along for the ride.
Anyone who wants to submit a guest review is more than welcome…  good pics and a grasp of the English language are strongly recommended.  Also looking for any input or requests…
Let’s give this a shot!