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For a short while we were getting monthly updates to a new animated G.I. Joe short-format “web series” that takes place in the Rise of Cobra universe, called “Operation: HISS”.  Initially designed to bridge the story between Rise of Cobra and Pursuit of Cobra, but is obviously something that was not necessarily created with the highest standard in mind.
Regardless, it’s been a couple of months since we saw anything new from the Operation: HISS series, and some folks (probably not many) were wondering what the heck happened.  No idea.  But I do know at least, that Hasbro posted a short Scarlett Spotlight on their video page, and the MS G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club posted a very nice high def encode up on their Facebook page.
I’ve encoded it below.

I know this is pretty hokey, but I was at least hoping to see someone like Helix show up somewhere along the way…