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So the answers have all pretty much trickled in for the latest round of the Q & A, which I’ve archived much of right here.  Honestly, it seemed like a somewhat drab round, without a whole lot of info.  I know many of you will say that’s no surprise, but in the last round, I thought we got some great news nuggets, especially considering how close we were to Toy Fair.
This round there wasn’t much to get riled up about, but we did get some interesting information gleaned from the sites around the ‘net.  These were some of the more interesting things discussed, in my opinion…click the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for the full run down.

From Action figure Insider:

“Q) Now that we’ve seen the 25th-style Low Light, can we expect to see more old favorites designed like this vs the newer movie uniforms?
A) The Design team is excited to explore this possibility for future anniversaries.”

Now, that could just be marketing talk, for sure, but I can’t help but think  that Hasbro is currently working on 2012 product, since they work about 18 months ahead, and 2012 just happens to be the 30th anniversary of A Real American Hero, so something tells me folks who are clamoring for some more homage based figures can at least look forward to that.  Personally, I can’t understand why folks would rather want a modern era retelling of a 25 year old figure over the nasty looking Pursuit of Cobra stuff that’s coming out, but I don’t want to stir up that hornet’s nest.

“Q) Will the GI Joe Renegades cartoon-based figures be compatible with PoC figures in terms of style, construction and articulation?
A) G.I. Joe Renegades figures will continue to have best-in-class articulation and detail. Colors and overall styling will match animation, but Renegades figures will fit in well beside a collection of Pursuit of Cobra figures. “

I’m certain this will be a focus of much debate over the next six to eight months or so until we start seeing Renegades figures.  Personally, I think Hasbro will be able to walk the line between an animated style and the more real world Pursuit of Cobra look.  Hasbro has far and away the best design teams and sculptors in boys toys today, and I’m confident that if the Renegades figures do lean more towards an animated aesthetic, it won’t be a “deal breaker”.  However, I do strongly believe the figures will trend towards an animated style.  Hopefully they can manage to make both camps happy.  And the best part is, if they can make both styles work, maybe when the Rise of Cobra sequel comes out we can have both lines running side by side.
From The Coil Club:

“Q) At JoeCon we were shown a great looking Snake Eyes slated for release in 2011, shown with two heads. Will both heads be included, or will there be a variant with each? If there will be a variant, what can we expect for a ratio of each version?
A) This will be a variant and the ratio details are still being finalized”

I’d seen quite a bit of debate in the fandom over whether or not the extra Snake Eyes head was included with the figure, or if it was a variant, so I’m pleased to see that this question was asked.  Personally, of course I’d rather get both heads with the figure, but as long as the variant isn’t super rare, this is okay with me.  The figure is cool enough to warrant multiple purchases anyway!
From JOhio:

“Q) Will the new poc line come with figure stands and if so what style will they be, 25th anniversary, RoC, or all new?
A) Hasbro: Pursuit of Cobra will have the 25th style stands but ALL stands will have 2 pegs each. We heard this was a big request!”

Ha!  Awesome news.  I hadn’t even thought about this, but I’m psyched to hear this news.  Two pegs > one peg, by far.
From Raving Toy Maniac:

“Q) Which POC figures will feature the new wrist articulation (other than Snake-Eyes)?
A) Sgt. Slaughter, Jungle-Viper, Cobra Shock Trooper, Low-Light and ShadowTracker.”

Another question I hadn’t even thought of asking, but I’m thrilled that someone did.  It’s great to know which upcoming figures will have this cool new wrist articulation.
That about covers it, at least from what I’ve read, for useful and relevant info from the latest Q & A.  Of course, don’t forget, they should be releasing the full compliment of Q & A questions and answers next week, I believe.  We’ll definitely post ’em up here as we get them.  Until then, keep up to date with the Q & A page, and as always, a big thanks to the guys at The Terror Drome for keeping current with their Q & A list, too.