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Congratulations goes out to Terror Drome member harkiri for winning the Terror Drome & GeneralsJoes “The Hunt for COBRA Commander” contest!  He was able to decipher the clues, dig for the answers, and provide the requested images to win a free copy of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra on DVD.

Courtesy of The Terror Drome, the final results can be found after the “Read the Rest of the Entry” link!

The Riddles/Questions & Locations

Q1 Title of a song by a man that walks a line.
A1 “Ring of Fire”

• Found here
Q2 Where Satan rides the see-saw.
A2 “The Devil’s Playground”

Found here
Q3 No one comes back from this tropical getaway.
A3 “Island of No Return”

• Found here
Q4 Don’t drink this if you want to lose weight.
A4 “Heavy Water”

• Found here
Q5 Another name for Detroit 6 months from now.
A5 “City of the Dead”

Found here

The Winners!
Grand Prize Winner: harkiri
Runner-Up Prize Winner: Wizard
Honorable Mention: jeffbohn

Thanks to everyone that played, hope we didn’t drive you too crazy. ;)

The 2-Disc DVD is courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment, the Rise of Cobra DVD are available on DVD or Blu-ray November 3rd. Also check out the “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Basic Training” iPhone game at the iTunes Store.

Check out the official movie site for lots of extras and downloads.