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I know I’ve posted most of these images before, but when I got these again in the mail, I took an even closer look at the rediculously high resolution images and a few more things caught my eye.   Let’s see how many folks had this all figured out before I did.  :shifty:

Wave 5 is something that I’ve bounced back and forth on relentlessly since we first got images.  City Strike Snake Eyes makes that wave, but other figures were really starting to impress me, too, even if there are a lot of reused parts.  Both in Waves 4 & 5 there is an almost brutal amount of reused tooling, though Hasbro does their best to camouflage it.

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Now Duke and Arctic Storm Shadow are obvious (though Storm Shadow is actually better masqueraded than I initially thought).  Desert-Viper and Ripcord, though, I think are masked fairly well.  Desert-Viper is essentially an Elite-Viper with the MARS Officer webgear in a different paint scheme and with the scarf from Hostile Environment Major Bludd.  It all comes together nicely, though.  Ripcord uses a lot of the Pit Commando as a base, it would appear.  I’d bet the boonie hat is from that set, and of course, the combat vest as well.  Not sure where the arms come from, but if the Pit Commando is used as the base, I’m glad we’ve got new arms, because the Dusty arms are a lot less poseable than many of these new ones.  Ripcord also comes with a bevy of reused weapons, a lot of them from the still unreleased Resolute Baroness.

So while it’s not nearly as obvious with Wave 5 as it was with Wave 4, there seems to be just as much reused tooling, though perhaps disguised a bit better.

Also got the images from the latest round of Target Exclusive vehicles.

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That SNAKE w/ “Viper Commando” (again, why are they phasing out the Neo-Viper codename?) is absolutely KICK ASS.  Love the black, and I really dig that darker colored Viper.  I may grab a couple of those, though I’ll probably skip the rest.  No real interest on the movie Wet Suit, that funky colored Air-Viper is bleh, and I’ve got no real interest in the Arashikage Cycle Storm Shadow either.  The “racing suit” kind of looks neat, but I’ve got 3 of those bikes already, don’t need any more.

Lastly, we also got the first look at the upcoming Arashikage Temple set w/ Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, due to be a Wal-Mart Exclusive.

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What was it your mother said?  If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?  Well, a ton of accessories come with this set, that’s for sure.  Beyond that the colors are pretty lame, and the figures don’t offer anything interesting either.  A swing and a miss on this one, I really think.  Would have been neat to have seen the unreleased Training Snake Eyes from the Resolute Comic Packs in here, but as it stands, pretty dull stuff.