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Lord knows there’s been no shortage of complaining online over the Rise of COBRA film and everything surrounding it, but by and large, folks seem to at least be relatively happy with the toys we’ve gotten.  Sure, there are people who have some issues with the design or the concept of figures, but for pure sculpting talent and design accumin, I just can’t conceive at how anyone could argue that Hasbro’s art team is the best in the business on a 3 3/4″ scale…and man, it’s not even close. just posted some loose images of upcoming Avatar toys.  And while the film promises to totally revolutionize the medium, the action figures…well…in my mind, they look terrible.  The vehicles rock pretty hard, but from a sculpting and detail standpoint, those figures just aren’t even in Hasbro’s league.  I mean, let’s look at this…I’ve posted a comparison gallery below.

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I mean, is it even a close comparison?  Sculpting detail, scale, design…it’s miles better with the Joe stuff than it is with Mattel’s Avatar line.  It’s a world of difference.  No bulky, ugly hips to conceal wonky articulation points, much fewer blatantly obvious cut-lines for movement, and a much more well-blended articulation and musculature style.

Like I said, though, the vehicles are very nice (even if the Mech and Dropship are direct rip offs of Sigma 6 :shifty: ) but those figures?  Bleeech.

And yeesh, I didn’t even touch on the Terminator: Salvation travesties…those were some butt ugly toys, too.  It just gets more and more obvious to me that aside from rampant collector complaints, Hasbro absolutely rules the boys toys aisle, and it’s not even close.