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And, as usual, expect as much coverage as I can humanly provide right here.  Unfortunately this gig doesn’t pay me enough (or anything…  :shifty: ) to fly cross country to get SDCC coverage live from the source, but GeneralsJoes has parterned with JoeBattleLines and The Terror Drome to make every possible effort to provide Joe fans with the latest and greatest news from everywhere on the ‘net even remotely connected to SDCC.

Keep in mind the Hasbro Roundtable is Thursday at noon, so information about our favorite toyline should be hitting early and hitting heavy.  Don’t be shocked if there isn’t a whole lotta new information coming from the West Coast, since we’ve seen so damn much stuff from overseas already, but if nothing else, the official line of communication will provide a lot more detail and some better images.

If there’s anyone else out there heading to San Diego who wants to provide the world with an outlet for their images, words, and general feelings, please hit the Contact link above and drop me a line!  I plan on having an onslaught of coverage over the rest of the week…provided my second daughter’s impending birth behaves itself…

I’ll start off the week of coverage by directing folks to who already have some early pictures of signage and banners as vendors and manufacturers get ready to show off their wares.  Check out the images mirrored below.

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