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Another little tidbit I got in my box of goodies was a comic book that looks to be the one that comes with the G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA video game.  There are only seven pages of new story in it, and these pages were also featured in Issue #1 of the Rise of  COBRA movie adaptation, but I haven’t seen much chatter about it, so I figured I’d bring some attention to it.  Maybe it’s just because I love the Marvel Comics character “Taskmaster” so much, but Helix is really resonating with me.  I love the character, I love her look, and I really like the concept a lot.  She’s apparently going to be a fairly core component of the upcoming video game (which really excites me), but I hope she kind of indoctrinates into the regular IDW universe as well.  Perhaps the Helix special being released in August will touch on that a bit.

The story basically involves General Hawk giving Duke a rundown of her abilities as we watch some video of her in action…then he finishes the story by saying that they believe COBRA has her, which I would imagine leads directly into the video game itself.

Here are some of the panels below…a pretty good read, even for only a few pages.

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