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It isn’t often that we take a little peek behind the curtain when it comes to Hasbro, Paramount, or any of the entities that weave this universe that we live in, however, Dax Berg, lead designer for Double Helix studios posts a nice little blog entry here, and gives us at least a bit of insight into his background and why this particular project (working on the G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA video game) brings him a certain type of joy.  During the course of his blog, he also lets a few nice little tidbits about the game slip.

  • Stalker is a focus of the game as a “field commander” and gets a lot of dialogue time, though he appears to be a non-playable character
  • The story background for the game actually takes a classic story and “retells it” in the new G.I. Joe universe.
  • There will be 75 hidden filecards throughout the game (which we knew) but apparently each card will feature some very nice  artwork and have been re-written by Dax and Paul Benjamin

Time will tell just how good the end product is, but if nothing else, it sounds like it’ll be a fun way to further explore the new Rise of COBRA universe…for those of us who care to, anyway.  😉  Again, check out the full article here.