Select Page has scored pics of some upcoming figures, including the confirmation that the mysterious red and black armored figure is Flash!  Also included in these images is the first we’ve seen of a Resolute themed Scarlett.  Flash and Agent Helix also have their filecards shown for the first time.

Some items of note…

  • Flash rocks.  End of story, no arguing allowed.
  • No mention of any sort of real backstory for Helix, though she appears to be written in a similar “superagent ninja warrior” vein as Snake Eyes.
  • Flash and Agent Helix both appear in the same wave.
  • The shot of the back of the card shows a single pack General Hawk, the G.I. Joe Pit Commando, Rex “The Doctor” Lewis, first mention of Crimson Neo-Viper, and the COBRA Eel we saw before
  • Many folks (myself included) assumed that the COBRA Eel was either a packaging error, or a change from the Elite Viper, but it would appear that they are just two different (very similar) figures.
  • Resolute Scarlett looks bad ass, minus that goofy looking head…the wind-swept hair just doesn’t work quite as well in plastic form as it did on the small screen.  Still, a critical Resolute character that absolutely MUST be released.  Please.  I’m begging here.

I absolutely love that Flash figure.  Since I doubt he appears in the film, and he has been mentioned in the past in connection with the Rise of COBRA video game, I wonder if this is how he’ll appear there?  Wherever he appears, I love this look…a very different appearence for him, but I think it gives him a great identity, rather than being eternally stuck in his Original 13 look.  I approve.  Original thread is here, images of new stuff can be seen below.

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