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Toy Fair Wrap up – Details sparse, but enticing

So if you’re anything like me, you sat through nearly three hours of Hasbro presentations, and didn’t really come away with anything new regarding G.I. Joe: Classified (or the Snake Eyes film).

To be fair to Hasbro, the Duke reveal yesterday was a leak, not official, so it’s not entirely their fault that nothing new was shown today.

However, there are some additional interesting tidbits.

In a Full Force video of the showroom, some numbers are visible on the G.I. Joe: Classified Packaging:

00 – Snake Eyes (Pulse Exclusive)
01 – Roadblock
05 – Scarlett
04 – Duke

Which, of course, begs the question… who are numbers 02 and 03? Those would likely belong to a couple of the villains who we didn’t get to see at Toy Fair for whatever reason, my guess being perhaps Destro and The Baroness, but honestly anything is possible.

To check out the full video courtesy of The Full Force, check below:

Along with this, over on his Facebook page, Mike Thompson (the Roadblock package artist, who also worked on the Rise of COBRA line) posted some fantastic images of Roadblock, while on Twitter, Francesco Francavilla revealed his work on the Duke packaging.

So, yes, in the grand scheme of things, a somewhat disappointing turnout for A Real American Hero, but with promises of more still to come, and hopefully sooner rather than later. If Wave 1 truly is scheduled for release in June, they’ll have to show something before SDCC.

So now, we wait.

Full Force video review of RagingSpoon Complex Buildable Diorama Sets

Perhaps some of you remember that I got my hands on some early samples of the Complex Building Sets by RagingSpoon a month or two back.  In short – I LOVED them, and they are available now at

Chris from The Full Force recently got some in his possession as well, and posted one of his usual entertaining looks at the form and function of these fantastic pieces.

Any fan of 1:18 figures, or Transformers, or really any toyline at all that needs cool display elements needs to look long and hard at Complex.  They are incredible and have some amazing things planned for the future.  Check out the video review below and be sure to snag your own set of Complex at!


Full Force podcast somehow generates EIGHT HOURS of content for Visionaries!

Holy cow.

Honestly, though, I’m not especially surprised.  Yes, Visionaries was a flash in the plan line at retail, but it was a line full of rich mythology, scores of awesome unreleased product, and what we saw on store shelves was just the tip of a vast, underwater iceberg of awesome potential.  I, for one, am thrilled that the guys at Full Force devoted eight solid hours to an episode on discussing the Visionaries brand.  It deserves this and more!

The podcast guys talk to a ton of talent related to Visionaries including Buzz Dixon himself, Steve and David Mapes from including a deep dive into the vault of unseen Visionaries content.  Some really awesome stuff crammed into this episode.

Check out The Full Force Podbean page for the episode, and definitely hit up The Full Force on Facebook for all the awesome show notes.  And jeez, this image Brian Hickey whipped up freaking ROCKS.


The Full Force Podcast unleashes SIX HOURS of MASK bliss upon us

Everyone will remember where they were the day The Full Force dropped a six hour marathon podcast on unsuspecting toy fans everywhere.  Stuffed to the gills with MASK intel back to front, this fantastic podcast features interviews with Brandon Easton (writer of IDW’s MASK comic), Doug Stone (the voice actor behind the MASK of Matt Trakker) and a metric ton of other MASK content (as well as the latest G.I. Joe news from yours truly).

In all seriousness, this is a great episode with lots of excellent toy insight and it’s one you do NOT want to miss.  Check it out on Podbean or embedded below, and make sure you’re hitting up The Full Force on Facebook for all of the latest news and updates!


The Full Force Series 4 Episode 2 mega episode is online

The Full Force has launched their latest episode, and it’s a big ‘un!

Nearly four action-packed hours of G.I. Joe talk post JoeCon with the latest news and intel, as well as an interview with Boss Fight Studio’s own Andrew and Erik to talk about Bucky O’Hare and all sorts of other awesome stuff.

But wait…  there’s another pretty massive surprise…  Hasbro Vice President, Global Brand Management Derryl DePriest himself also joins the show!  What did I tell you?  It’s a big one!

Check it out over on the Full Force Podbean Page as well as embedded below.