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So if you’re anything like me, you sat through nearly three hours of Hasbro presentations, and didn’t really come away with anything new regarding G.I. Joe: Classified (or the Snake Eyes film).

To be fair to Hasbro, the Duke reveal yesterday was a leak, not official, so it’s not entirely their fault that nothing new was shown today.

However, there are some additional interesting tidbits.

In a Full Force video of the showroom, some numbers are visible on the G.I. Joe: Classified Packaging:

00 – Snake Eyes (Pulse Exclusive)
01 – Roadblock
05 – Scarlett
04 – Duke

Which, of course, begs the question… who are numbers 02 and 03? Those would likely belong to a couple of the villains who we didn’t get to see at Toy Fair for whatever reason, my guess being perhaps Destro and The Baroness, but honestly anything is possible.

To check out the full video courtesy of The Full Force, check below:

Along with this, over on his Facebook page, Mike Thompson (the Roadblock package artist, who also worked on the Rise of COBRA line) posted some fantastic images of Roadblock, while on Twitter, Francesco Francavilla revealed his work on the Duke packaging.

So, yes, in the grand scheme of things, a somewhat disappointing turnout for A Real American Hero, but with promises of more still to come, and hopefully sooner rather than later. If Wave 1 truly is scheduled for release in June, they’ll have to show something before SDCC.

So now, we wait.