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The Full Force Series 2 – Episode Five: The Awankening!

Those wonderful blokes from across the pond have put together a new episode of The Full Force podcast, this one putting a strong focus on the intriguing links between Star Wars and G.I. Joe throughout Palitoy history.

Former Hasbro designers (and current Boss Fighters) Erich Ridlon and Erik Arana join the crew to discuss work they did for the Star Wars toyline, and we get all sorts of other great toy related talk.

Check out the Podbean page for the latest episode, or click the embedded player below.  Also make sure you’re staying up to date via their Facebook Page.



Troops of Doom hits landmark 500 comics!

Troops of Doom has been chugging along for a while now, and has just reached a huge milestone!  A whopping 500 installments of the Troops of Doom comic has just gone online, and to celebrate, there are numerous contests going on.

The official note just came in:

“Troops of Doom hits 500 comics

Troops of Doom comic hits 500 episodes today. Stop by for multiple “Become a Troop of Doom” contests where readers can have a character named after them and have a recurring role in the comic.

Troops of Doom is an action figure webcomic featuring GI Joe battling Star Wars for Lego technology. Launched in February 2008 and updated as often as possible Monday to Friday. Check it out for a laugh.

For folks who feel like there is a 4″ sized void in their heart this year, Troops of Doom will help fill it.  Check it out!


Disney’s buying spree…what are the ramifications for Hasbro?

When the news about Disney and Lucasfilm exploded all over my Internets last week, I contemplated writing something up about it, just because any major corporate changeover with Lucasfilm could have a potential impact for Hasbro, being one of Lucas’ largest licensees.  Ultimately I didn’t write anything up, but with the sudden unfounded rumors today about a potential purchase of Hasbro by Disney (yes JUST A RUMOR.  Do not freak out yet!) I figured perhaps I should talk about it a little bit.

I’ve seen a lot of commentary about this subject, obviously, with two corporate giants that are pretty near and dear to many of our geek hearts, but most of the focus of these comments is how Disney’s influence will directly impact Lucasfilm itself.

The larger question would seem, as far as toy fans are concerned, is how will this change impact Hasbro as one of Lucasfilm’s primary licensees and the major manufacturer of all Star Wars related action figures?  I’ve seen many folks concerned that this could spell doom and gloom for Hasbro, or that Disney’s previous contracts with Mattel would more or less guarantee a shift from Hasbro to their competitor, which could (hypothetically) spell doom and gloom for the Rhode Island toy maker.

I believe in the short term, this Disney move actually helps Hasbro.  And helps them quite a bit.

How so?  Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below for my thoughts.


Welcome our newest sponsor – Kokomo Toys!

We’ve talked about them quite a bit already, but now the relationship is official!  Joining the GeneralsJoes team of fantastic sponsors is!

Specializing in G.I. Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, and Marvel, Kokomo Toys has an online store and a physical location in Kokomo, Indiana, the location for the annual Coil Con and a mecca for toy collectors all throughout the midwest.

Keep your browsers pointed to, whichever line you’re interested in…  they’ll have ’em!

Huge thanks to Todd & Amber from Kokomo Toys, I’m personally thrilled to start this ongoing relationship with them.

Season 5 of Star Wars: Clone Wars footage pays homage to G.I.Joe

I haven’t talked about because well, it’s Star Wars, but  down in Florida right now the latest Star Wars Celebration is going on.  This is pretty much the year’s biggest Star Wars event, and they have debuted some great footage from Clone Wars Season 5 over on

Throughout the footage, a key character named Embo appears, with his trusty animal sidekick.  There is apparently some significant acrobatics, and the bounty hunter Embo has a pretty unique friendship with this animal.  Embo is also notoriously… silent.

If this whole dynamic seems familiar, it should.  According to Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni, Embo and his compatriot were clearly modeled after G.I. Joe ninja Snake Eyes and Timber.  IGN says the following in regards to the homage:

“After the clip was over, Filoni talked about how the quiet and deadly Embo and his fearsome and loyal pet were, “My homage to Snake Eyes and Timber.” As a kid, Filoni was a big G.I. Joe fan and recalls how cool he thought Snake-Eyes was, exclaiming, “He’s a ninja and he’s got a wolf!? Are you kidding me!?”

A pretty cool tip of the hat.  Thanks to Dan Uthman on Twitter for the heads up, and check out for the full details, including  The trailer for Clone Wars Season 5, which contains a brief snippet of the footage described above.