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Rank and File Volume 2 now available for purchase!

In spite of what you may think of the movie, I think it’s tough to argue that the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra era was a turning point for the toy line, finding an awesome balance between aesthetics and articulation and cranking things up as far as accessories and detail work.  The period from 2009 – 2011 encompassing the Rise of Cobra and Pursuit of Cobra lines gave G.I. Joe fans a lot to love and even more to look forward to.  For his landmark Rank and File series, James Kavanaugh, Jr. is exploring this period of time for his second volume and it’s available now!

Check it out at  It’s a definite MUST BUY.


The adventure continues to evolve in Rank & File — A Guide to Third-Generation 4” G.I. Joe Action Figures!

After a brief hiatus in 2006 that allowed G.I. Joe to flourish in other areas, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero went in a new stylistic direction that is still predominately used today! Not only did fans get to revisit some of their most cherished icons within the G.I. Joe mythos, they were also introduced to new characters that are now known and loved.

The Rank & File guide volume 2 displays every G.I. Joe action figure produced between the The Rise of Cobra and The Pursuit of Cobra series, complete with every accessory and variation produced. Not only are the accessories shown, they were carefully cataloged in an upcoming section that will guarantee the proper shade of accessory goes to the appropriate action figure. To top it off, every vehicle and play set released in the 4″ era is documented and every easily removable piece is shown individually photographed, ensuring collector completion.

This full color, 52-page resource manual beautifully illustrates the two series’ 180 action figures, 55 vehicles and every accessory, including all known variations. Not only is every accessory present and accounted for, they have each been assigned a unique number and identified throughout the resource guide. Each action figure was carefully examined between its initial run and any further re-releases to ensure accurate samples are clearly and concisely presented, perfect for the collector who is identifying individual action figures or sorting through unorganized lots.

Whether you are a seasoned or rejuvenated collector, enthusiast, or toy vendor, the Rank & File series is the decisive compilation for G.I. Joe action figures, vehicles and play sets produced between 2007 to today. Let the Rank & File Guide serve as a reference for completion or a scrapbook to the next big turning point of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

Basic Information

The MSRP for The Rank & File Guide Volume 2 is $20 and available at Buyer will pay all additional shipping and handling costs. If you have purchased the R.A.H.C. guides before, the process will be very similar. This guide was self published and produced in quantities reflecting previous sales so do not hesitate in ordering if owning a guide is a priority.

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A ton of fantastic new pictures of fantastic new toys over at!

Wow.  HissTank is scoring a coup today with a bunch of great pictures of some upcoming items including some never-seen-before Resolute themed action figures and some better images of Rise of COBRA figures we’ve seen before.  Lots of gear is visible, and as always, the Resolute figures are absolutely blowing my mind.  Check the links below for all of the picture goodness:

I just can’t stop drooling over those Resolute figures…  wow.  Amazing stuff.

Reviews for newly released IDW Comics showing up online

A few different sources have begun posting reviews of the most recent issues of the G.I. Joe comics online…  I’m starting to realize there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to review everything I want to review, so I may have to be more selective.  🙁

Anyway, here’s what we’ve got so far sprinkling around the World Wide Web:

Very interesting reviews…I find it intriguing that the fringe books seem to be getting more positive buzz than the core book itself.  It doesn’t seem to be a reflection of Chuck Dixon’s writing (since he’s writing the movie prequel as well) but, whatever the reason, that is the case.  I do think that the core series started off somewhat slow, and has continued to crawl pace-wise for all 4 issues.  I think something has to start ramping up in that title soon, or it may just get too drawn out.  After all, the Marvel series told a very similar story way back in Issue #3, and it only took one issue to tell it.  How long do we really need to see Destro’s henchman playing X-Box?

Rise of COBRA Wave 1 Scarlett pictures

The well-connected cmderinchief comes through with some more pictures of an upcoming Rise of COBRA figure, this time in the form of the Wave 1 Scarlett.  He’s allowed me to host the images in a gallery below as well:

Hmmm…  yikes.  I know I’ll be waiting for the armored version myself, just something about that figure is not jiving with me.  Hasbro has proven that they can make decent looking female figures, but for whatever reason, Scarlett doesn’t make that cut.

Original threads can be found at JoeBattleLines and the Coil Club!

G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA auctions flood eBay

The floodgates are apparently starting to crack open as many more Rise of COBRA action figure auctions have started hitting eBay.  abee8088 and gotSWtoys are both loaded up with various carded and loose figures from the upcoming Rise of COBRA figure line, including Desert Convoy Duke, Trenchcoat Snake Eyes, TRU exclusive Firefly and Barbecue, Ice-Viper, Deep Six, and many others that we’ve already seen.

Check out both of those links above to see what these guys have for sale, and to see some more pics of these upcoming items!