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G.I. Joe Convention 2016 Air Raid

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Con Set Recap

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Back in 2009 when Hasbro originally released the Sky Sweeper, they included a pilot carrying the name Air Raid.  However, one look at the filecard for that pilot, and it was easy to tell that the pilot was actually supposed to be Airborne, not Air Raid (Franklin Talltree is a pretty unique file name, after all…).  So now with Sky Patrol front and center, and a new pilot being needed, the Collectors Club has provided us with a brand new Air Raid, only one look at the figure tells us this is not Franklin Talltree.

It’s pretty widely accepted that at least one character in the G.I. Joe Convention set will be a new one, and for 2016, Air Raid is it.  As the free attendee figure this year, he was included for anyone who purchased a boxed set and in the comic serves as Sky Patrol’s main test pilot for the Skystriker.


The figure itself is pretty good.  He uses more or less the same formula as previous versions of Ace (and COBRA Commander) so he definitely looks the part of pilot.  His head is repurposed from Resolute Duke, only in an African American skin tone.

I do like the parts, with a nice mixture of Resolute and Pursuit of COBRA, providing great articulation and nicely sculpted elements.  He moves pretty well, even though his limbs are pretty thick, and I like the sense of cohesion we’ve got going on with past pilot figures in the line.


One place that Air Raid could use some improvements is with his paint scheme.  Granted, as a “free” figure, you can understand where some paint apps had to be trimmed, but the somewhat bland blue of the base uniform lacks some of the necessary detail to really accentuate the nicely detailed mold underneath.


That being said, it’s nice to get another new character, and a new addition to the Sky Patrol after twenty-six years.



Air Raid comes with the large, bulky vest from Pursuit of COBRA Skydive (and canceled Rise of COBRA Ripcord) as well as the helmet with twin hoses.  The two removable engines on the back are the same that came with the previous figure as well, as is his included pistol.

That’s really all that comes with the figure, but as an fighter jet pilot, he probably doesn’t need a whole lot else.


Air Raid is a decent figure with an interesting build, but a somewhat bland color scheme.

Sky Patrol Air Raid
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  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


The same name, but a clearly different character than the 2009 iteration, Air Raid comes to Sky Patrol as a pilot of the Skystriker. He uses the familiar parts of recent G.I. Joe themed pilots, and those parts are great, but a pretty bland color scheme does the figure no favors.


GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Sky Sweeper

So, having a lull in product means I jump in my way back machine!  This time around, I’m reviewing the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Skysweeper Jet w/ Air Raid.  A Firebat repaint and retool, this little plane packs a big punch.
Check out the review on my Rise of Cobra Review Page, or just click here.
Stay tuned, because I’ll be doing quite a few more “old school” reviews over the next little while as we wait for more new product to hit.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra SkySweeper reviewed at The Terror Drome

Fellow G.I. Joe news site, The Terror Drome has posted one of their very nice pictorial reviews of the Firebat repaint G.I. Joe: SkySweeper w/ Air Raid.  There are a ton of great images (a few of which I’ve mirrored below) and some nice details revealed.

I haven’t been real high on many of the Alpha vehicles released so far, but this is one that will get my money if I can find it.  Check out the pictures below.

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Alexx Shorts – Rise of COBRA Sky Sweeper w/ Barrel Roll

We’re used to seeing Alex’s unique viewpoints on various Rise of COBRA figures, but now he’s tackling a vehicle as well with the very cool G.I. Joe Sky Sweeper.  A Firebat repaint/retool, this is an awesome minijet plane with some very cool details that I hadn’t noticed before.

I especially love those landing skids with the heavy firepower mounted on each ski.  A very cool touch that I hadn’t noticed previously.  Anyway, I’ll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.  The original thread can be found on JoeBattleLines.

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Great images of G.I. Joe SkySweeper w/ Air Raid

Mysterious Stranger over at JoeBattleLines just posted new images of his recent purchase – a Rise of COBRA G.I. Joe SkySweeper w/ Air Raid.  And…  wow.  I just officially fell in love with this vehicle.

I’ve been avoiding the repaints, simply because I have most of the originals, and with the price of vehicles these days, I just need to be more selective, but they made enough tooling changes on the Firebat to really make this an awesome new vehicle…and being at the Alpha price point to boot, this is a no brainer.  The enhanced engines, the landing skids…small changes, but they make an absolute WORLD of difference.  Add in the figure, which is a very nice repaint of Resolute Duke from the 5-Pack, and this is definitely a set worth buying, especially for that price.  Interesting that Air Raid’s file name and file card indicate that he’s Airborne, but still a minor issue for a very nice looking figure.  This is an absolute winner!

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