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Mysterious Stranger over at JoeBattleLines just posted new images of his recent purchase – a Rise of COBRA G.I. Joe SkySweeper w/ Air Raid.  And…  wow.  I just officially fell in love with this vehicle.

I’ve been avoiding the repaints, simply because I have most of the originals, and with the price of vehicles these days, I just need to be more selective, but they made enough tooling changes on the Firebat to really make this an awesome new vehicle…and being at the Alpha price point to boot, this is a no brainer.  The enhanced engines, the landing skids…small changes, but they make an absolute WORLD of difference.  Add in the figure, which is a very nice repaint of Resolute Duke from the 5-Pack, and this is definitely a set worth buying, especially for that price.  Interesting that Air Raid’s file name and file card indicate that he’s Airborne, but still a minor issue for a very nice looking figure.  This is an absolute winner!

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