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As I write this, the majority of G.I. Joe related news out of Toy Fair has been reported, with the latest updates from both Jada Toys and Jazwares just pushed through this morning.

G.I. Joe: Classified

Most of us are aware that from the G.I. Joe: Classified 6″ perspective, the only figures we saw were Snake Eyes (Pulse Exclusive), Duke, Roadblock and Scarlett. This was disappointing for most of us, though keep in mind the reveals of Snake Eyes and Duke were both leaked by fan sites, so the Hasbro presentation could have had a lot more oomph if not for that. Below is a gallery of great images courtesy of Chris from The Full Force who was in attendance at Toy Fair reporting on behalf of GeneralsJoes.

You can see some various apparel in the images above, too, which is a cool touch.

Speaking of leaks, while only three figures were revealed from Wave 1 of the G.I. Joe: Classified line, thanks to some enterprising online retailers, we do know that Wave 1 should also have Destro and another Snake Eyes in it, so we should expect to see those figures revealed at some point. Because the tentative release date is June (which is before SDCC) I’d expect to see those revealed hopefully within the next 4 – 6 weeks, though that’s complete conjecture on my part. I know I’m pretty interested to see how the Wave 1 Snake Eyes will differ from the Pulse Exclusive version, and I’m absolutely dying to see what Destro looks like.

The cool thing about a lack of items revealed at Toy Fair is that there’s still a lot to look forward to over the coming months.

Jada Toys

We also learned that Jada Toys has acquired the license to produce die cast vehicles based on the G.I. Joe universe, and in fact the first two vehicles were revealed in the form of a 1:32 scale VAMP and HISS, along with some potential sneak peeks at a VAMP Mark II, Snow Cat and even stuff like a Night Raven, Dragonfly and MOBAT. Craaaaazy.

Thanks to John G. over on the GIJoe Discussion Facebook group for the reveal as well as Chris from The Full Force and website

I just got a lot more excited…


This has been a source of much back-and-forth among the fan community ever since it was first revealed. Chris and I were of the opinion that there was no way Jazwares would be making action figures, but a HISSTank report from the Nuremberg Toy Fair seemed to dispute that.

However, the word from Toy Fair is that Jazwares is indeed making– figures. Sort of.

According to a few reports, Jazwares will be making G.I. Joe “Domez” figures, which are static collectibles encased in transparent plastic domes. See the image of Jonesy below, which is from the Fortnite line, but should give some indication of what we might see on the G.I. Joe side.

Courtesy of

I believe that about covers the high points.

Meanwhile, Chris and I jumped on a call first thing this morning to go through the Toy Fair recap, and you can find that News Burst on YouTube and also embedded below.

Thanks as always for following along, Toy Fair is always an exciting time and it certainly looks like there will be no shortage of G.I. Joe toys and licensing news going forward.