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I’ve been dying to write this article ever since news starting breaking earlier this afternoon. By all accounts, a few assorted online retailers started receiving word this afternoon that Hasbro would be releasing 6″ G.I. Joe action figures in June, with the first assortment being the following:

  • Snake Eyes (2 per case)
  • Duke
  • Roadblock
  • Scarlett
  • Destro

According to a post on, the new line will be called G.I. Joe: Classified and the current hypothesis is that it will be similar in style to the Marvel Legends, Power Ranger Lightning series and the Star Wars: Black series, with an assortment of highly articulated and accurately accessorized figures.

Nobody knows much about the line yet, but my own speculation is that these will be vintage in style, resembling the most familiar, iconic looks for the characters represented. A Twitter post from skinnyjoefan seems to agree with this, astutely pointing out that these figures are many of the same exact figures that were released at the beginning of the 25th Anniversary line back in 2007.

Of course, much of this news broke courtesy of The Full Force, and thankfully my work schedule was such that Chris and I could throw together a quick News Burst on this exciting new rumor!

There appear to be enough sources confirming the information for me to assume some validity, but until official confirmation arrives from Hasbro, let’s keep this in the rumor category. I have no doubt this information (and more!) will be fully revealed at Toy Fair 2020 in New York City. Stay tuned for more exciting news, I suspect this is just the tip of a huge, exciting iceberg for 2020!