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Yes, we know the episodes have been a little more sporadic lately, but hopefully this four hour marathon makes up for it. We spend a healthy two hours talking to resident toy expert Mark Bellomo about G.I. Joe and the toy industry in general, and complement that great interview with some looks at recent G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club announcements, plus a look back at 2013 and a look ahead to next year.

Check out our Podbean page to listen to this latest episode, or just use the embedded player below, and take a peek at the show notes after the jump.

Show Notes

It is a 4 hour holiday and end of year epic. The first half of this behemoth features a 2 HOUR interview with one of our favorite toy industry intellectuals, Mark Bellomo. This interview, turned high brow toy discussion covers topics ranging from working with Larry Hama to a full blown discussion on what Hasbro can do next to re-ignite our favorite line. Make sure to have plenty of fluids and get up and stretch to keep the blood flowing because this is our longest interview yet. The news this episode is all about the GIJCC. We got 2 shipments of the FSS. We now know the 3.75″ and 12″ incentive figures AND the HAVOK Mk II (Huh?!). Also head on over to the NEW GIJCC forums and vote in the “official”-ish Billy Kessler figure poll. Following the news it is all about looking back at 2013 and looking forward to a dim 2014 – the best we can. The look back is highlighted by our best moment of the year, our interview with Jon M. Chu. Re-live the magical moment with us, will ya? Sorry, there is no epic Chuck Melt Down HA-HA moment of 2014, but he almost causes us to meltdown when he lets an appearance of a certain annoying show character grab the mic. You will want to miss that segment, but everything else is worth your 4 hours. We’re not forgetting this one Irizarry!!

Mark Bellomo

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