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I’m sure most of us have heard that the new Captain America 2: Winter Soldier film is coming out next April, and to celebrate the film’s release, Marvel is also releasing a prose novel following the landmark “Death of Captain America” comic book arc.

The original comic arc followed Captain America’s assassination as well as spiraled into the machinations of the Winter Soldier following his debut in the comic arc previous to it. It’s an interesting way to tie the film in with comic history, but even more interesting to G.I. Joe fans is the person writing the novel.

Marvel has tapped none other than Larry Hama to write this novel, and in a great interview with Newsarama he talks about the process of writing this exciting adventure, which interestingly enough was the first time he really dealt with Captain America himself as a central character.

Part of what led to this work was Hama’s terrific original novel trilogy The Stranger, which is available on and is a book that I strongly recommend to folks who enjoy a good story in the familiar Hama style. Check out the full interview at

Thanks to Facebook from Eduardo for the heads up!

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