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I’d come across this story a number of days ago, but didn’t really report on it, because it didn’t seem like he was revealing any unusual amount of information, but I’ve seen some other outlets grabbing onto it, so figured I’d talk about it a bit, too.

Screen writer Evan Dougherty spoke with Rama’s Screen quite a while ago, and the conversation naturally turned to the progress of the G.I. Joe 3 script.  Dougherty talks about how the cartoon and comic continuity differ, and how for the third film they are looking to pull some more comic influences.  I’m not sure this comes as much of a surprise, considering Jon Chu has already proclaimed his love for the comic (to the point where he put a 10 minute homage to the Silent Issue in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation) and even spoke about diving into the Cobra Island saga for the third film.

From my perspective, that comic-influenced formula is something that Chu already committed to and the nearly $400 million worldwide take from Retaliation would appear to agree with that philosophy.  Still, it is the first little nugget of news from the third G.I. Joe film, so as fans we’re going to grab it and hold it tight.

Thanks to Rama’s Screen and Comic Book Movie for the intel.