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Any episode that features Chuck and Kevin talking about tasteful nudity is bound to be a legendary one, and this episode delivers.  The guys talk to Jim Sorenson, author of the fantastic G.I. Joe Field Manual, and then proceed to put him through a miserable 2 hours of off topic rambling, Gangnam Style free-style rapping, and yes, tasteful nudity.

Jim took it like a champ, and the episode ends up running the gamut, talking about the New Jersey Collectors Convention, Kevin’s excellent Metalhead figure, as well as the G.I. Joe Field Manual and the latest and greatest G.I. Joe news.

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Author Jim Sorenson and convention exclusive Project Manager extraordinare Kevin Watts join us for this jam packed episode of WOJM. First we talk with Jim about his GI Joe: Field Manual Volume 1 and get his thoughts on Volume 2, both of which you can buy AND pre-order respectively on Grab a copy today. In the second half, we talk to Kevin about his awesome custom Metal Head NJCC exclusive. In the news we talk some Gun Running, give our thoughts on episode 1 of the fanfilm Initiate, go over the latest from the GIJCC newsletter, movie hype restarts with reports of Storm Shadow reshoots, and lastly, Joe beats Transformers and other toy brands in a national vote held by the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. To wrap up the show, we announce a new sponsor for the Mailbag and read a comment directed at Justin.

The WOJM FFL Recap portion runs approximately from the 1:54:13 mark to the 1:59:13 mark. If you don’t want to hear about the fantasy football league or Gary get made fun of for starting off 0-2 and dropping to 18th (out of 18), you may want to fast forward to the end.

So, there ya have it! See you all back here next time, same B.A.T. time, same B.A.T. channel!

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