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Just wanted to drop a line to remind folks that the Concept Case Survey is still rolling along, and Round 1 will end Friday, July 20th.  Responses from Round 1 will be tabulated and I will post the actual SurveyMonkey charting to ensure 100% transparency.

Based on those results, I will set up Round 2 of the Survey to kick off, most likely next Monday, where the winners of Round 1 can face off against each other to get an idea of what the fans want!

Meanwhile, propaganda has started appearing online…the political machine is already at work.  Ladies and gentlemen…Joe fans…I encourage you to vote with your hearts.  But if you’re easily swayed…

Please be aware, as a neutral party, I believe in equal opportunity…if you have a candidate you want to endorse, find a creative way to express that, and let me know!

I approve this message!