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Getting down to the nitty gritty, which is where you’ll find this particular figure on most people’s want lists.  To be honest, if I had been asked a month ago what my most wanted figure would be, this guy would be pretty much have hit the top of the list without any competition.

Well, when Hasbro unveiled the Concept Case at this year’s G.I. Joe Convention suddenly there was a LOT of competition.  Vehicles, figures, ideas…  it almost relegated this guy to the “been there, done that” pile.  But not quite.

One close up look at this figure will tell you that even for folks who don’t really care for the character are still getting a very good G.I. Joe toy.

3 – G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Kwinn

Of course one might ask, among a team of heavily armored, heavily equipped, future tech sporting super-soldiers, where does an Eskimo with shorts, a khaki shirt, and a weasel skull necklace fit in?  That question has obviously been asked a lot, especially by Hasbro themselves as this poor guy (who is a fully tooled and ready for release figure) still has not gotten an opportunity to be released yet.

I think Hasbro pushed fans near the breaking point when they actually displayed him in a case full of unused (and perhaps never-to-be-used) concepts, but based on conversations with Hasbro at JoeCon, I think chances of Kwinn being released are probably around 85 – 90%.  This is not a guy you need to worry about never getting your hands on.  Regardless, he still stands proud pretty close to the top of my Top Ten list.  Admittedly, though, based on responses I’m seeing from the Concept Case survey, I am in the minority for putting him this far back, which should be good news for all of you Kwinn fans out there.

Check out the images from JoeCon below.

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