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One of the longest running G.I. Joe websites on the web, and a bastion of research for every Joe fan everywhere, has quite simply left an indelible mark on the fabric of not just the online G.I. Joe community, but I would argue on the fabric of the action figure community in general.

I often see people in other collecting arenas asking “where can I find the “YoJoe” for Star Wars?  Where can I find the “YoJoe” for Transformers?”  It has serviced G.I. Joe fans for many years, and I would argue it is quite simply the most impactful G.I. Joe themed website ever.  Just remember the first time you stumbled upon it and immediately were thrust back to the good old days.

But isn’t content to rest on their laurels and survive based on the robustness of their figure archive…they’ve been working extremely hard behind the scenes for several months, and I dare say even years to do a soup-to-nuts overhaul of the entire action figure archive.  The results are quite simply amazing.

With a totally revamped index, and much improved layout for the individual action figure entries, YoJoe has drastically improved on what was already a fantastic resource.  You can see all the various different versions of the figures in a single entry, and you should never have to leave a page to look for another page.  In the grand scheme of things to folks visiting the site, the changes result in a much more intuitive and fluid interface.

As of this posting, the Action Figure Archive is the only section that has been completed, but there are many more to come.  Kudos to good friend of GeneralsJoes Terry Dizard and Phil Donnelly for all of the work they put in, and big props to the tech guys for building this all out.  They made a great resource even better.

Check out the new Action Figure Archive now!