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And the crowd goes wild!

We’ve been getting flooded with some very cool Oktober Guard themed reveals over the past week or two, but many folks have been clamoring for more information about who the Oktober Guard will be facing off against.

Well, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club revealed that today with the Iron Grenadiers!  We get a great revelation of the Iron Grenadier trooper himself and also some details about the story line itself.  For folks who don’t recognize the figure itself, it was originally planned as part of 5 Pack of Iron Grenadier figures from the Rise of Cobra/Pursuit of Cobra line, but never got released.  The image for that original 5-Pack can be seen at this post on GeneralsJoes.  I’ve also mirrored that image below:

As for the story itself…  check out those details below:

“By popular demand, the 2012 convention set stories and enemy factions are revealed…

OKTOBER GUARD Box Set: The 1990s brought us many captivating Cold War stories but this one was kept Top Secret for over two decades! Recently declassified documents revealed the original Oktober Guard (G.I. Joe’s Russian and Warsaw Pact equivalent) team’s “Special Mission” in Siberia to rescue their captured General from the ruthless Iron Grenadiers in OPERATION: BEAR TRAP!”

Okay…now THAT is bad ass.  They give themselves an “out” for the dead Oktober Guard members by talking about declassified documents.  And they’re also talking about their “captured General”… hmmm…  could we see a modern version of General Mayhem from the 2005 set?  Or maybe…dare I hope…  Voltar?!  Of course I misread this, and it’s the Oktober Guard general who is being rescued.  Not sure what the angle is there…

Wow.  The possibilities are endless!  I cannot wait to hear and see more!  Check out the Iron Grenadier figure below, and keep your eyes on for the latest intel!