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As always, full credit must be given to notpicard who has been able to dig up some fantastic stuff over the past week or so.  Late last week he directed me towards a couple of different sites he uncovered online, and while the style of the art from the two sites is quite different, they have one thing in common.  Some bad ass G.I. Joe conceptual drawings and paintings!

First, I’d like to point out Indigo Studios, who were apparently the folks behind the Pursuit of Cobra paintings that served as backdrops for the slideshow at the G.I. Joe Convention in 2009.  They may have been used elsewhere, but I’m not sure where.  All I know is I am absolutely in love with these paintings, and I am fired up that there is now a place to see them in all of their medium res glory.  They really capture the whole Pursuit of Cobra aesthetic pretty perfectly, I must say.  I do find it a bit odd that the human characters don’t bare much resemblance to the Pursuit of Cobra characters we got, but the vehicles and environments make up for that.  You can find Indigo Studios right here, and I’ve mirrored the fantastic images below.

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Next are some images from, who appear to be a graphic design company much more animated in spirit, but equally cool.  They appear to be behind some of the recent Convention logos, and apparently had some input into the G.I. Joe: Renegades logo, too.  There are some pretty neat ideas below that we have not seen anywhere.  Question is, are they unused logos from projects past, or potential clues about stuff still to come?  Regardless, I’ve mirrored a few of the images below, hit up to see the rest.

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I friggen love this stuff.  Thanks again to notpicard for his eagle eye lookin’ out!