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Lots of news and new products and pre-orders to tell you about!
Hasbro has announced not one but two new Pursuit of Cobra GI JOE figure
assortments for release in April!  No pictures are available yet although
it is likely that something revealed at Toy Fair in a few weeks.
Pre-orders are now available for the following:
Wave 5 (wave 3 2011):
General Hawk, Blowtorch, Steel Brigade, Cobra-The Enemy, Cobra Commander,
and Jungle B.A.T.  The set of six is $41.99.
Wave 6 (wave 4 2011):
Snake-Eyes (temple guardian), Croc Master, Iron Grenadier, Rock-Viper, Viper,
and Crazylegs.  The set of six is $41.99.
The lastest GI JOE comic books from the GI JOE: Cobra, Origins, Real
American Hero, and main series are available with several new books having
been released so far this year:

Lots of news in the Marvel Universe realm!
A new assortment of core Marvel characters is announced featuring Cable,
Apocalypse, Wolverine (1st appearance), Gladiator, and Cyclops.  These
are also due for an April release and pictures are not available as of this
writing.  You can pre-order the set of 5 for $59.99 or the case of 12 for
There will also be a new assortment of Marvel comic 2-packs for March release.
New figure sets in this assortment are Wolverine/Silver Samurai and Deadpool/
Taskmaster.  The set of two can be purchased for $34.99:
Thor will be Marvel’s first movie this year and the figures are scheduled for
release in March.  We’re offering the set of six single-carded figures at
$69.99 and the case of 12 at $99.99.  (One figure from this assortment is
not yet announced.  In these situations it is usually a spoiler-ish movie
character that the studio is not ready to go public with yet.)
Captain America will be Marvel’s second movie this year and the figures
are scheduled for a May release.  There are two figure assortments both of
which are available for pre-order now.  As with the Thor movie, there are
a few unannounced figures that we will probably hear about at Toy Fair or
sometime shortly thereafter.
GameStars is a new line of 1:18 scale fully articulated action figures
licensed from hot console game properties.  The first entry in this series
is available now, an assortment of figures from the upcoming EA game Crysis 2.
Also available for pre-order are figures from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.
These figures are scheduled for a June release.
A selection of internationally-released vintage GI JOE action figures has
been added to the web site.  Most of these items are available in single-unit
quantities so grab them now if you are interested – the prices are right and
they’re expect to move quickly.
Be sure to check out this new category.  We now have a wide selection of
military and historical figures in 12″ (1:6) scale.  These are all finely
crafted figures with real cloth uniforms and clothing, also including a
variety of authentically-detailed accessories.
Don’t miss this section for great deals on products we want to move out of
our inventory.  Of specific note, we’ve added some “bulk buy” deals on
several GI JOE comic book series.  You can also find some great buys on GI
JOE 25th Anniversary, DC Universe Infinite Heroes, Lanard Corps!, Microman,
and more.
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Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site