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Ummm… wow?
I just spent several hours at the fan presentation, and then a few more hours taking pictures during the showroom tour, and I never saw any figures for Stalker, Sci-Fi, or Storm Shadow.  So I finally get to a landline here and “surprise!”
Judging by appearance, I’d estimate these guys are falling within the “30 for 30” lineup later on in the year.  They weren’t in the online pre-orders, and weren’t in the slideshow presentation, so that’s what I’m thinking.
For anyone who missed them, here are the official Hasbro press pics:

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Stalker looks to be a great update to our favorite Army Ranger, using Snake Eyes parts with the Resolute head sculpt!  Bad ass.  Sci-Fi looks pretty incredible as well, and fills another important hole in the 1986 lineup.  Lastly, Storm Shadow is obviously a Renegades inspiration, but he looks even cooler here than he does in the cartoon.  Love it.