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Gyre-Viper is at it again…or more appropriately, has been at it again, since he posted these images a few days ago.  I hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet because, well…. honestly?  I’m not all that wild about the Jungle B.A.T.  I think it looks kind of silly, actually.  Some cool attachments could save it, but if it comes with the same three attachments we’ve all seen ad infinitum, I will be severely disappointed, especially considering the Pursuit of Cobra greatness we’re currently surrounded by.
Granted, it’s part of an assortment that wasn’t supposed to exist 6 months ago, so the fact that Hasbro whipped up some repaints and filler figures to keep Joe fans interested until the real stuff hits in August is something we all have to consider.  If the Jungle B.A.T. (and other figures alongside it in the early part of the year) is a bit lackluster, I wouldn’t expect that to indicate some sort of downward spiral.  I think we’ll see some awesome stuff at Toy Fair, Joe Con, and SDCC.
Check out the mirrored images below.

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