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This series has been a whole hell of a lot of fun.
While I will admit the stop motion was a bit rough at some earlier parts of VisorHUNgary’s work, he has absolutely hit his stride, and this latest stuff is really great.  He has posted the latest installment of his Rise of Cobra era stop motion animation on YouTube.  I am amazed at how well he does this.  Some great special effects, seamless animation.  Pure excellence.
His latest installment in “G.I. Joe: Cobra 3” is Chapter 3, but I’m embedding parts 1 – 3 just so you don’t miss anything.  Impressive.  Keep in mind, this is the third part of his Cobra adventure, so you should check out his channel to watch everything you might have missed.

Please check out his full YouTube Channel as well, he’s got a bunch more great stuff there.