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The news comes from SuperHeroHype, who in turn, got it from LA Times…  apparently Paramount has elected to go in a different direction with the upcoming sequel to G.I. Joe’s first live action adventure, The Rise of Cobra.
To be honest, I kind of wondered if this was coming.  I’d recently read that Sommers had signed on to produce and direct a series of films based on Dean Koontz’s “Odd Thomas” book series, and I kind of wondered how that might impact G.I. Joe plans.
It will be interesting to see what this really means.  To some folks, it could be cause for celebration, as many had an adverse reaction to the first film (whether or not that was a direct result of Stephen Sommers’ involvement is a source of debate), however, I also think it could be a cause for some concern.  Not concern because Sommers isn’t helming the project, but concern because that sort of leaves things back at square one.
Sure, the script supposedly has gotten some serious work, but without a director even attached, I don’t see how the movie can begin filming this year as was previously hypothosized.  Not only that, but Channing Tatum continues to take on roles with other films, and certainly doesn’t seem in a rush to reprise his role as Duke.
Could we be looking at a full blown reboot?  Early rumors suggested that the written script was definitely a continuation, not a reboot.  If so, who is directing it?  Can we expect to see the film in 2012 as was initially rumored?  Tough to tell at this point.
All we can say for sure right now is, the waters are murky, and let’s all hope that G.I. Joe’s live action biography isn’t restricted solely to the mixed reactions from The Rise of Cobra.  I was never ashamed about proclaiming my enjoyment of the film, but I think everyone would agree, G.I. Joe could be (and deserves) better.