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Well, Toy Fair is less than a month away, and suddenly a new test shot has emerged, courtesy of
Now, when I saw the listing for Previews last night, I was scratching my head a bit over the whole “Jungle B.A.T.” idea.  Part of me hoped maybe there was some cool new hyper-detailed PoC themed android sculpting involved, but it certainly doesn’t look that way.  Just looks like a B.A.T. in a camouflaged uniform.  Is that good or bad?  Enh, I dunno.
Personally, my G.I. Joe universe is much more about Cobra’s human operatives than their mechanical ones, so this holds little significance for me, but I suppose there are folks out there who will be digging it.  We’ll see.  I do like the paint scheme of the jungle camouflage, I think it looks really cool, and would look great on a more standard military figure, I’m just not sure it fits on Cobra’s robotic soldiers.

Thanks to The Terror Drome for the heads up.