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Didn’t take Gyre-Viper long…  just mere hours after posting images for the HISS Scout, he’s also gotten some images online at for the Wave 2 Mech, the Cobra Minotaur.  The highlight of the Minotaur for most folks is probably the Desert Scorpion, and there are certainly plenty of images of the figure as well.  A surprisingly effective figure based on the limited parts choices available.
Check out the mirrored images below.  The current release status of the Wave 2 Mechs is unknown.  The reason I say that for the Mechs and the Alphas is twofold…  first of all, I believe Gyre-Viper was told by his Asian contact that these samples were for “canceled product”.  Not only that, but I don’t see much sense in rushing out the release of the figures, then staggering the vehicle releases back another 2 months, with no figures to compliment them.
It’s highly possible that these will see the light of day at some point, but personally, I don’t have a real good feeling about it.  Alpha’s have been sort of clogging shelves, and judging by the fact that PoC Vehicles are already abundant in ROSS stores doesn’t speak well for the future of PoC vehicle releases at mainstream retail.
Time will tell.  Hopefully we’ll get some intel in New York in February.

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