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A familiar face has received another care package from his Asian comrades, and Gyre-Viper has unloaded a plethora of images in this thread on featuring the G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra HISS Scout.
An Alpha sized vehicle, which is currently in release limbo, it’s a neat little HISS shaped vehicle.  Rumors abounded that it would somehow attach to its larger HISS brother, and Gyre-Viper confirms those rumors in the image gallery.
Currently, the status on both this vehicle and the Cycle Armor with Ashiko is completely unknown.  The HISS Scout looks neat and all, but I will be absolutely crushed if the Cycle Armor doesn’t somehow find its way to retail.  I MUST own that at some point.  Yeah, I’ve heard that it’s a bit chinsy and has a tendency to fall apart with the wind, but I still want one, dammit.  Until then I’ll live vicariously through Gyre’s images of the HISS Scout below.

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