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Hi all!  We’ve created a Facebook page and integrated the feed into the menu
bar.  The Facebook feed is a great way to keep up on all of our news and new
product listings that occur in between the email updates.  Our Facebook page
can be found here:
Please follow link then “Like” our page by clicking the like button
on the top (next to our logo).  You will then be able to see our occasional
new product  updates and other notices within your Facebook updates, usually
one or two a week.
On to the news and product announcements!
GI JOE: Pursuit of Cobra wave 3 and wave 4 figures are up for pre-order.
Each set of four figures is available for $27.99 per set.  Wave 3 includes
Duke (v2), Snake-Eyes (v3), Cobra Shock Trooper, and Storm Shadow (v2).  Wave
4 includes Destro (v2), Skydive, Shadow Tracker, and Lowlight.
Hasbro has announced that Snake-Eyes (v3) will not have a variant.  Both
heads will be included in the package with the figure.  I think this is
a relief for both retailers and collectors and will allow you to get both
heads without going to a lot of trouble and expense.
Wave 3 is expected in the first two weeks of December and wave 4 in the first
two weeks of January 2011.  If you pre-order both sets together we will bill
and ship everything together when wave 4 arrives.
Some refresh cases of Pursuit of Cobra waves 1 and 2 will be shipping in
November.  We will not be ordering a lot of these so recommend you put in a
pre-order to reserve figure sets if you’re interested.
Some new GI JOE comics have arrived since our last mailing, including:
A Real American Hero #159 – Dr. Venom’s plot from beyond the grave begins to
GI JOE: Cobra #9 – The conclusion of Scoop’s interaction with The Coil.
GI JOE main series #24 – Mainframe and Dial-Tone guide Predator drones through
the Hindu Kush.
GI JOE: Origins #20 – Exposes the nefarious scheme Cobra utilizes to
categorize new recruits.
You can find all of the new comic offerings here:
We are pleased to introduce to you the full line of Dragon 1:6 scale (12″
tall) action figures and related gear and accessory kits.  Dragon’s
extensive line of high-quality figures with realistic, real cloth uniforms
and meticulously detail-accurate weapons and gear will be highly prized by
the discriminating collector.
We will also be adding some Dragon 1:6 scale true model kits over the coming
weeks so stay tuned.
Five sets of comic 2-packs have arrived recently: Dark Phoenix/Cyclops,
Spider-Man (black)/Wolverine, Thor/Iron Man, Captain America/Wolverine, and
The Sentry/Spider-Man.
Check out the Marvel offerings here:
One more reminder that our new figure stands are now available in both clear
and black!  These new stands are designed for use with modern-era GI JOE,
Marvel, Star Wars, Forces of Valor, and other action figures line with 0.10″
(2.5mm) peg holes in the feet.  Check ’em out:
Be sure to check out our clearance aisle for great deals on products we
want to move out of inventory.  Great, inexpensive gift buying opportunity!
Owner Corey Stinson is offering for sale via silent auction his set of four
Funskool Manimals prototypes.  Bids are being taken through November 15th.
If you enjoy looking at (and potentially owning) a very rare and unique
piece of GI JOE 3 3/4″ history, take a look at the auction here:
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Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site