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They’ve gone through a few different names over the past little while…most recently it was Tri-Gate Creations, and now it’s Slayer Design Studios.  But the basic idea and business model is the same.  Provide production-level customized pieces to build you own G.I. Joe universe.
They most recently caught my eye with the incredible Red Shadow offerings they had a short while ago… caught my eye in such a way, that I made sure I had some pieces in hand to review.  Well, I haven’t yet had a chance to review them, but a review is coming…while you wait, though, I just have to keep talking up these guys.  They have some absolutely insane product offerings.
Want to inject some Super Hero love into your G.I. Joe universe?  They got that.  Want to beef up your Iron Grenadier army?  Yeah, they can take care of that, too.  Want to create an apocalyptic war-infested zombie wasteland with your Joes?  Oh hell yeah, they got that.  Hell, they even have some awesome other 80’s properties that you know and love.
From the sheer quality of the sculpting to the amazing variety of products, Slayer Designs is simply the shit when it comes to custom parts and pieces.  Check out their revamped store front, and keep your eyes peeled.  There are new items being posted every day, and nearly all of them are incredible.