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Hi folks!  We’re pleased to write and introduce a number of new features for our
web site.  We’ve rolled out an all-new design which we hope you’ll enjoy.
After being absent for over a year the search feature is back and now integrated
directly with our own software to produce easily readable results.  This is a
great way to look up an item without digging for it in the menu categories.  You
can now log out of your account without closing your web browser.  When you view
a product at the site you can now see a listing of popular items purchased by
other customers who also purchased that item.
Lastly, we’ve created a Facebook page and integrated the feed into the menu bar.
The Facebook feed is a great way to keep up on all of our news and new product
listings that occur in between the email updates.  Our Facebook page can be
found here:
Please click on the link then “Like” our page by clicking the like button on the
top (next to our logo).  You will then be able to see our occasional new
product updates and other notices, usually one or two a week.
GI JOE: Pursuit of Cobra wave 3 figures are up for pre-order.  We strongly
recommend the complete set of four figures at the low price of $27.99.  These
figures are expected to ship early/mid December.
Some refresh cases of Pursuit of Cobra waves 1 and 2 will be shipping in
November.  We will not be ordering a lot of these so recommend you put in a
pre-order to reserve figure sets if you’re interested.
Lots of new GI JOE comics have arrived since our last mailing, including:
GI JOE: Cobra special #2 – Origin of Chameleon (double-sized issue)
GI JOE main series #23 – Storm Shadow makes his first appearance in the IDW
Hearts & Minds #5 – Last issue in this limited series features Blowtorch and
the nameless, faceless Cobra trooper.
Origins #19 – Written by Larry Hama, a silent issue featuring Snake-Eyes!  An
homage to the groundbreaking issue #21 from the original Marvel series.
GI JOE: Cobra #8 – Features Skullbuster, who leads the unforgiving, hard-core
training of Cobra recruits.
You can find all of the new comic offerings here:

Galactus has arrived – a 19″ tall planet-devouring monstrosity waiting to appear
(and devour!) your collection. 🙂  Also includes his herald, a new 3.75″ Silver
Surfer figure.
You may have noticed that the August/September release dates for Hasbro’s Marvel
single figure and Secret Wars comic 2-packs assortments have slipped.  We have
been told that 2010 wave 6 (Thanos, Antman, etc.) has been rescheduled for
December.  This probably means it will drop around the same time as 2011 wave 1
(Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man 2099, and others).  We expect the
delayed Secret Wars 2-packs around the same time as the others.  We regret any
inconvenience caused but such release delays are beyond our control.
Check out the Marvel offerings here:
Just arrived are the new JSI WW2-era German figures.  This assortment includes
two officers, three troops, and a tank commander:
There has been a recent warehouse find of small lot of 21st Century Imperial
Japanese Marine figures (series 3 green fatigues versions):
We’ve also recently stocked the full six-figure assorment of Forces of Valor’s
Modern Army line:
Also restocked is the German WW2-era Stuka Zu Fuss vehicle.
Most of the new Forces of Valor 1:32 scale products for 2010 have now arrived
and are ready to ship.  We have, among others, a new U.S. 2 1/2 ton truck,
a German 3-ton cargo truck, and a German Jagdtiger.  Also, a few new boxed
figure sets.
The 12″ (1:6 scale) GI JOE action figure offerings from Sideshow Toys have
more intimately introduced many of us to the world of “high-end” meticulously
detailed 1:6 scale military action figures.  As such, we’ve decided to begin
bringing to you some of the best historical and modern 1:6 scale figures from
several well-liked product lines.  We hope you’ll find these new offerings an
exciting addition to your collecting universe.
One more reminder that our new figure stands are now available in both clear
and black!  These new stands are designed for use with modern-era GI JOE,
Marvel, Star Wars, Forces of Valor, and other action figures line with 0.10″
(2.5mm) peg holes in the feet.  Check ’em out:
~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~
Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site