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Damn.  We should get crap like this more often.  I’ve been really enjoying the character art on the packages of the Pursuit of Cobra toys, but a lot of it is obscured by the packaging itself, or just shot from the waist up.  Well, Diamond Distributors has given us some updated information about a release timeline for the fourth wave of Pursuit of Cobra figures, and included with that some bad ass full body character art.

This is the text of the Diamond release details:

For over twenty-five years G.I. Joe has been defending America and the cause of freedom from the evils of Cobra! Characters like Destro (Version 3), Low Light, Skydive, and Shadow Tracker enter the fight for the fate of the world as these 3 3/4″ figures! Blister card packaging.
Estimated ship date: 1/26/11″

With a ship date this early for the fourth wave of product, I would be shocked if we didn’t see something else hit next spring…perhaps an additional wave or something?  Hopefully we’ll get more information soon!  Thanks to SNAKE EYES from and The Terror Drome for this information.