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While we haven’t gotten word yet from Hasbro PR if these images are available through their channels site sponsor BigBadToyStore has shared their images with our buddies at The Terror Drome, and I’ve also mirrored them below.  These don’t offer a whole lot more detail than what we’ve seen previous, other to reiterate the fact that this wave looks awesome.  Yes, another Duke, another Snake Eyes, and another Storm Shadow, but this Snake Eyes may be one of the best Snake Eyes figures we’ve seen yet, and Duke, even with the way-too-freaking-big shoulder-rockets is a pretty bad ass version of the Joe Top Kick.  The one low point of the wave would certainly seem to be spring-loaded Storm Shadow.
Don’t even get me started on the Cobra Shock Trooper.  It would certainly appear Cobra is making urban environments a priority with this guy and the Alley-Viper unleashed on the world.  Check out the images below.

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