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The fans have long since complained that we don’t get any real information with these Hasbro Q & A sessions.  Well, this latest round is proving that information wrong.  Thanks to Toy News International, we finally have confirmation that the G.I. Joe: Renegades toys will be worked into the “Pursuit of Cobra” line and will remain in a realistic style!  The exact quote is as follows:

TNI: The G.I.Joe Pursuit of Cobra line seems to be going over well with collectors. I know at Joe Con this past summer you said that POC would continue for a few months and then you would switch to toys based on the Renegades cartoon. Is there any chance you will continue to do POC alongside Renegades stuff for collectors?
Hasbro: G.I. Joe product inspired by characters and themes from the upcoming G.I. Joe Renegades series on the Hub will be available in Fall 2011. The figures will be offered in the Pursuit of Cobra line and will have the highly-detailed, realistic look of the line.”

I’ll admit right up front…part of me was looking forward to an animation-accurate toyline, and a big part of me was convinced that’s what we were going to get.  However, I know a LOT of fans who were against that concept, so for them I’m psyched to hear this.  To a degree, I’m psyched myself, too, because while an animation-accurate line would have had at least some appeal to me, I am so in love with the Pursuit of Cobra, that the fact that this “style” is continuing is music to my ears as well.
Another great tidbit came out of The Terror Drome, who finally got the final say on the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra Commando Snake Eyes figure:

“3Q – The Wave 3 Snake Eyes looks amazing! Will there really be two variations released, one commando goggles head, and one visor ninja head? What is the planned distribution ratio? Hopefully a 50/50 or close as possible?

3A – We have an update for you – all carded figures will have both the Commando and Visor heads. There will no longer be variant version on this figure.”

More terrific news, for sure, and another piece of intel that should make collectors smile.
Keep your eyes peeled to, we’ll have our ear to the ground throughout the weekend to let folks know as more answers come in.  Keep on checking the Q & A Page as well, which has already been updated with several fan site submissions!