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The newest waves of Transformers: Hunt for the Decepticons,  Transformers: Generations and GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra have arrived!
For fans of comic book related action figures we have the newest waves of Iron Man 2, Marvel Universe, Blackest Night Wave 5 (includes Black Lantern Batman, Black Lantern Deadman, Black Lantern Hawkman, and Black Lantern Nekron), and  DC Super Heroes Retro Action Figure: Batman and Aquaman.
Gentle Giant collectors will be happy to know that the Hoth Luke Skywalker and Hoth Han Solo have arrived.
As for PreOrders, we now have listed the DC Direct Brightest Day action figures.  If you are a fan of the Darkest Night series I think you will find these of interest, as well.  Also as PreOrders, for all you Matty fans we have the new Egon Spengler Ghost Buster Action Figure along with Chief Carnivus and Gygor for you Masters of the Universe Classics collectors. We added several new Sideshow Statues ranging from Star Wars to a Terminator T-800! Finally, if you are a fan of Captain America then you will want to check out the new Bowen Designs bust!  If history repeats itself this will be a hard-to-find item in no time!