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GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra continues to prove to be a popular line.  We only have a few of the following left: A.W.E. Striker with Nightfox, Cobra Fury with Alley-Viper, Cobra Ice Cutter with Snow Serpent, and the V.A.M.P. 4×4.
This week we received all the newest Star Wars Vintage Black and Silver action figures.  This also includes the foil chase figures.  These have been selling very quickly!  We have also posted the ROTJ Star Wars Vintage Black and Silver actions figures as PreOrders!
The Hunt for the Decepticons have been moving fast but we have a few of the Deluxe Class Terradive, Electrostatic Jolt, and Tomahawk.
On the superhero front we now have the newest assortment of the Marvel Universe Comic Book 2 Packs
Video game fans will be glad to know you can PreOrder Mass Effect 2 figures and we still have a limited supply of Halo Reach available.
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