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Wait, what?  As I prepared for this review, I tried to spend some time getting some insight from various forums and sites, just trying to figure out what people thought of this vehicle and how much they were anticipating it.  I was shocked with what I read.
There are apparently a lot of Joe fans out there who don’t like the looks of the new VAMP?  Really?  Never would have figured.  I thought it looked like one of the cooler Joe vehicles to come out within the past several years.  Sure, it lacks the nostalgic qualities of the Anniversary retools, but as far as brand, spanking new vehicles go, I was immediately impressed before and after opening the box.
Ah, well…  different strokes for different folks.  Anyway, whether you like the VAMP or not, check out my review on the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page or right here.  You can probably guess what I think of it.