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We finally have confirmation that we will receive the new GI Joe: Pursuit of Cobra figures next week.  In the mean time take a look at the Pursuit of Cobra PreOrders for next wave of figures soon to come.  Best part is that we have images of all the new stuff!
We are finally caught up from being away for the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.  We have several new items this week and a few older items we just discovered.  If you are going to be at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend stop by booth 302 and say hello!
For those that had an opportunity to stop by the booth and Star Wars Celebration V, we cannot thank all enough.  We finally have a few of the SWCV Exclusives available including the Lego Bounty Hunter CubeDudes – Star Wars Exclusive Box Set, Boba Fett 12-Inch Exclusive Figure by Gentle Giant, Bossk Maquette Exclusive by Gentle Giant, Donald Duck as Shadow Trooper Star Wars Star Tours Exclusive Action Figure and finally Darth Vader McQuarrie Concept Exclusive Mini Bust by Gentle Giant. Also, we came across 20 older Gentle Giant Star Wars Busts and Statues that are worth taking a look though! Finally, we have the newest assortment of Star Wars Clone Wars PreOrders.  This assortment includes: Boba Fett, Embo, R4-P17, and Shaak Ti. Plus we have images of each!
The 2010 Transformers are coming in slowly but surely.  This week we added two new Voyager PreOrders to go along with many 2010 Transformers PreOrders.  Please welcome Highbrow and The Fallen.
We know have you been waiting for the next wave of Marvel Universe Action Figures!  Good news, it has shipped from Hasbro and will have in soon! Also, we have updated the images so you can now see Hawkeye, Ironman 2020, Thanos, Constrictor, Yellow Jacket and Multiple-Man.  We also have the new Target Exclusive 2-Packs as PreOrders.
Finally, we’ve got a huge new assortment of over 50 Gentle Giant Statues and Busts, including many which are out of production. If you’re looking for the absolute best in collectibles, come on in!