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Road trip time!
On Thursday I’ve gotta make a statewide trip for work, and when I do that, I use some personal time so I can take some side trips to stores along the way.  Of course, when I say “along the way” in talking about Southern Vermont, I mean, go way the hell out of my way, but at least a little less out of my way then than it would be now.
That makes no sense.
Anyway.  This Thursday I’ll be hitting a handful of Targets and Wal-Marts (alas, no Toys “R” Us on this voyage) and will be reporting back on my voyage.  Follow me on Twitter to get the step-by-step rundown, or simply enjoy watching me wallow in my own self-pity as I hunt in vain for Pursuit of Cobra Alley-Vipers.  I chat a bit at each stop, take some pics, and feel sorry for myself.  Doesn’t everyone want to watch that?
Wish me luck!