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Slowly but surely I’m making my way through the first wave of G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra figures.
Already I’ve got Alley-Viper, Duke, and Beachhead posted, and now I’ve added Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Snow Job.  I believe that just leaves Cobra Commander and Firefly, and with my HasbroToyShop order shipping this past weekend, I should be able to get those posted as well.
Just because I’m anal retentive, too, I may move the Beachhead review to pre-production and do my own production level review as well.  Hawkwinter did a fantastic job, but I love Beachhead so much I’m itching to get a review in there as well.
Anyway, check out the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page to check out all of the PoC reviews posted to date!