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Frequent GeneralsJoes contributor cmderinchief has himself a brand-spanking new EVO Smartphone and has been abusing it by filming himself.  Luckily for us, he only films himself doing toy reviews…  he posted an SDCC Sgt. Slaughter review a while ago, and now follows up with not one, not two, but FOUR new video reviews for various upcoming or recently released items, including the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 Dusty, Wave 1 Alley-Viper, and the two Resolute 7-Packs.
Check out the embedded YouTube goodness after the jump.

Dusty and Alley-Viper (Part 1)

Dusty and Alley-Viper (Part 2)

G.I. Joe: Resolute Joe 7-Pack

G.I. Joe: Resolute Cobra 7-Pack

A huge thanks to cmderinchief for sharing this with us!